WaPo #FakeNews

WaPoThe WaPo in its latest #fakenews letter bashes the President’s budget proposal in typical democrat left wing banter.  According to the LibTards at WaPo it is impossible to ever cut spending anywhere in order to increase spending somewhere else.  It seems as though what’s left of the failing democrat party must have written this anti-Trump, anti-American rag of lies and false assumptions.

Example of a damn lie: “Trump’s exorbitant travel expenses since entering the White House will likely rack up far higher than the entire annual budget of the National Endowment of the Humanities, another venerable institution the White House wants to eliminate. Expect the cuts to be loudly protested in the weeks and months to come. ” Unlike Obama who racked up about $100MM in travel expenses traveling the world with his wife, kids, and mother in law, President Trmp works hard every weekend.  This so called journalist forgot to mention that President Trump’s salary is $1.00 compared to Obama’s $400K x 8 years of do nothing but harm administration.

They say “The Trump administration’s first proposed budget has provoked widespread consternation. If all of it passed, it would chop tons of programs that were once thought of as untouchable on both sides of the aisle. Mick Mulvaney, Trump’s budget director, said the proposal reflected a desire for “hard power,” likely due to its emphasis on defense and security. Each of the writers below saw the proposal as stemming from a different ideological progenitor: Ronald Reagan, Paul Ryan, The Heritage Foundation, and lastly, given Mulvaney’s vivid turn of phrase, Viagra.

Trump’s first proposed budget is as radical as he and his advisers promised it would be. It would pump an additional $54 billion into military spending and offset that by stripping funding from at least 18 governmental agencies. The breadth of the planned cuts is remarkable – ranging from slashing critical State Department foreign assistance funds to canceling a whole series of programs for inner city poor in the United States.

When discussing the likely cuts to non-military federal jobs, the White House’s Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney declared: “You can’t drain the swamp and leave all the people in it.” He also described spending on climate science research – another thing that the Trump administration wants to jettison – as a “waste.”

Even a cursory read of the proposed budget reveals how it seems to specifically target the sciences, the arts and the poor. It’s a reflection of the twin impetuses of the Trump movement: a militarist nationalism, seen in the boost to Pentagon spending and a largely gratuitous border wall, and a libertarian zeal to dismantle the federal government.”

Thank goodness for twitter and the alternative media where we Trump supporters can get the truth.  You cannot get anything but left wing propaganda from WaPo and the failing NYT.