Mueller Witch Hunt

Mueller's witch Hunt

Mueller should have recused himself from any involvement as a special council because of his close relationship with former FBI Director Comey.  Not only was Mueller appointed by a former democrat federal prosecutor in MD but Mueller has a team of former Hillary supporters. Mueller’s legal team has 16 attorneys, as well as other support staff, and it’s funded by […]

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Sob Sisters Back In DC

Another Sob Sister

Think that Trump can cut any government spending without the sob sisters taking a shot at the cut. Take for example this fakenews put out by AOL: Without much warning, the Trump administration has gutted nearly $214 million from teen pregnancy prevention programs across the country. More than 80 organizations will lose Obama-era grants from the US Department of Health […]

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Hire a Partisan FBI Director

Partisan FBI Director

Now that President Trump has justifiably fired FBI Director James Comey, it is time to reopen the miscarriage of justice that he perpetuated about the investigation of the Clinton Crime Family corruption and leakage of national classified information by Hillary Clinton. According to James Comey’s letter about his resignation- “I have long believed that a President can fire an FBI director […]

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Deep State

Donald Trump and Russia The feud between President Donald Trump and Senator John McCain is heating up. The protagonists on both sides of this fight are intense and determined, and yet if we dig beneath the personalities, we can see an even deeper conflict—an ultimate conflict of visions. And that clash of worldviews, in turn, is full of implications for […]

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