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Sob Sisters

Think that Trump can cut any government spending without the sob sisters taking a shot at the cut. Take for example this fakenews put out by AOL:

Without much warning, the Trump administration has gutted nearly $214 million from teen pregnancy prevention programs across the country.
More than 80 organizations will lose Obama-era grants from the US Department of Health and Human Services that helped them fund programs for helping teens avoid unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections.


Johns Hopkins University, Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, the Chicago Department of Public Health, the University of Texas, and the Choctaw Nation’s sexual health programs are just some of the institutions that are expected to be affected by the cut.


Reveal, the site for The Center for Investigative Reporting, obtained copies of the grant letters that the program organizers receive every year. This year, the letters also included a line saying the grant money would stop coming on June 30, 2018 — two years earlier than the Obama administration had intended.


“We are just reeling. We’re not sure how we’ll adapt,” Jennifer Hettema, lead researcher on a project at the University of New Mexico told Reveal. Their program, which focused on teaching low-income Hispanic and Native American teens about sexual health, is one of the programs that will see a funding cut.


An HHS spokesperson confirmed the cuts in funding to Reveal but did not elaborate on the reasons for doing so. That said, some of the organizations receiving the grants said that they were told that the move was brought forward by Valerie Huber, a new chief of staff to the assistant secretary for health at HHS, who favors abstinence-only education instead of sexual health awareness.


“The current Obama administration has used its fiscal scalpel to eliminate the growth of abstinence education within America’s school systems,” Huber wrote in a paper in 2014 when she was the president and CEO of the National Abstinence Education Association.


In other words the sob sisters at AOL contend that Obama tried to do the right thing but now I am so sad about that new president who is hurting the poor, indians, teens, hispanics, hospitals, sob sob sob…

Any other of our great senators want to forecast that the replacement Frankenstein healthcare bill will pass? Another example of government welfare once passed will never be rescinded. Once the dimms get involved ObamaCare will be revised towards the single payer Statist medicine that the Swamp desires.

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  • LM

    The once free American people become sobbing serfs, groveling before the lords of the ruling regime for their sustenance.
    In general, the dysfunctional Congress reflects the divide in the citizens and electorate who send them to Congress. What do we expect when you we are the point where more people are riding in the wagon than are pulling the wagon?……and the hill is getting steeper.