Saudis love Trump



We watched President Trump and First Lady Melania float though the Saudi’s like a fairy tail. They were treated like the King and Queen of the United States taking along CEOs from major defense contractors including Lockheed, Raytheon and others. The old King put a gold necklace gift around Trump’s neck as the President leaned forward to accept.

After the pomp and circumstance the two kings inked documents that will be worth a third of a Trillion dollars over a ten year time period of positive trade to the U.S. And what did the LibTards in the Lamestream report: Trump bows down to Saudis just like Obama did.
Like the King of the FakeNews Dan Rather says The press is hunting Trump. A conspiracy not seen since the Romans did in Julie Caesar.

“President Trump slammed as ‘hypocrite’ for ‘bowing’ to the Saudi king”

May 20th 2017 1:39PM During a ceremony on Saturday Saudi Arabia King Salman presented President Donald Trump with the King Abdulaziz al Saud Collar, the kingdom’s highest civilian honor, and people are really concerned whether or not the president bowed in appreciation.

The truth is: GREAT AGAIN: Unlike Obama, Trump doesn’t bow to Saudi king

What a difference an election can make for the respect American leaders have for our country.

There were two very different outcomes when two American presidents greeted the king of Saudi Arabia.

All eyes were on President Trump today as he arrived in the country for his first foreign trip.

Video shows the president stepping off the plane and greeting King Salman:

Trump stood up straight as Salman appeared to bow slightly.

Trump’s posture stands in stark difference to President Obama’s in the early days of his presidency.

Cameras captured Obama bowing to King Abdullah, contorting nearly to a 90-degree angle in what many called a moment of American weakness.

As someone said: “CNN WaPo and NYT will most likely run the headline “Trump disrespects Saudi King.” The yellow journalists will not go away till they are trampled down.”

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    I have had it unplugged the cable from TV, stories such as the one above have ruined it . It blows my mind that this is accepted. where is all the common sense and critical thinking gone? I wanna move to the hills to a little home take the dog leave the rest.

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