MigrantsWhich Countries Host (And Send) The Most Migrants?  As President Trump’s executive orders ripple through the spin and propaganda strata of social- and mainstream-media channels, we thought a look at who the biggest ‘givers’ and ‘receivers’ of immigrants are in the world…

According to United Nations data, there are 243 million international migrants scattered across the world, accounting for 3.4 percent of the global population.

The United States hosts the most of the them as of 2015 – some 46.6 million people. Germany comes second with 12 million while Russia rounds off the top three with 11.6 million. In terms of sending countries, India is in first place with 15.6 million.

Perhaps ironically, The United Kingdom, which is set to adopt stricter immigration controls, is one of the top-10 countries worldwide for sending migrants. In 2015, approximately 4.9 million British citizens lived in other countries.

U.S. President Donald Trump is expected to restrict the issuing of visas to people from seven countries in the Middle East and North Africa. Interestingly, the United States is actively bombing five of them. Read the full story in the Independent where the infographic below was featured.

This chart shows countries where Trump is expected to announce immigration restrictions.

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