Who got the most airtime in the #GOPdebate?

Megyn Kelly debate 2015How about this interesting statistic.  Who do you think got the most airtime last night?  (interruption)  No.  It wasn’t Jeb Bush.  Now, be serious.  They actually put a clock to this, and they measured how many minutes each person spoke.

Who do you think got the most, call it camera time, airtime, voice time, whatever, who got the most airtime last night in this debate?  (interruption)  Just take a guess, for crying out loud.  (interruption)  Who?  (interruption)  Marco Rubio?  No.  Dawn, give me a name.  Who do you think it was?  (interruption)  Megyn Kelly is right.  The Fox moderators got 31% of the airtime last night.  Not a single candidate came anywhere near it.  Trump was the closest, and he was second.

The Fox moderators were heard from more last night than were the candidates running for the Republican presidential nomination.  There were time limits on the candidates and their answers and replies and rebuttals and rebut-but-buttles, but there were no time limits on the moderators.  They could take as long as they wanted answering a question and as long as they wanted interrupting an answer.

Source: Rush Limbaugh Transcript, 8/7.