Illegal Immigration

In his speech, Trump mentioned the while immigrants are taking jobs in this country; corporations like Ford are setting up plants in Mexico. To deal with the crisis, Trump vowed to build a border fence and have Mexico pay for it.


  • Robert Barker

    American companies are using the loophole in the extortionate corporate tax rate. They get a Post Office Box in the Cayman Islands and call the address, where several thousand other American companies and corporation’s also have P.O. boxes, Corporate Headquarters. This way they are now owned in the Caymans. Now that they are no longer an American company they don’t pay 39% in taxes they also can build products in Mexico and escape import fees.
    No one ever talks about the 3,500 pages of change to the 1945 GATT Treaty that Bill Clinton and his cronies forced on the American people. In typical progressive (communist) class warfare style Clinton said he “just wanted to level the playing field for the economies of the third world” . He went on to explain that only greedy rich people would oppose this because “they might have to pick up the slack, small change really, in the difference in tax revenue” .
    Twenty years later and the United States is borrowing $160,000,000 an hour from the Chinese. While China and the rest of the world imports completely duty free. But, if Ford Motor Company wants to export a car they not only pay an export tax to the United State’s but, also another to the country importing. This is why on US farms the tractors most commonly seen are Zetors,Kubota and International Harvesters made in Turkey. My point is that it has taken twenty years for the economic policies of the Clinton’s to become glaringly obvious. At the time the Clinton’s occupation of the White House the fire sale of America’s assets made it appear that Clinton policy was genius. Political representatives, reporters being the cowards that they are no one spoke in public of the “unintended consequences” that these policies would have. Now after “too big to fail” collapse of the housing markets. Because Clinton favorites Barney Frank and Chris Dodd engineered the failure by removing safeguards installed after the market collapse of the thirties. “Unintended Consequences? ” Now 77 billion a month is pumped into the markets, no one knows where, who’s receiving it or anything at all really. The Democrats have a lovely 6 billion dollar super PAC . The various Muslim, Mexican and other foreign government organizations that protest everything America stands for also seem to have thrived