Destroy Trump conspiracy

Destroy Trump conspiracy

The liberal media didn’t see it coming. The well-paid foundation heads who represent “the conservative movement” didn’t see it coming. The so-called political experts didn’t see it coming.  But the authors of “American Greatness” saw it coming.  They knew it was going to happen even when Hillary Clinton was leading by double digits: Donald J. Trump was going to be the next president of the United States of America.

Why they saw it coming, and why almost everyone else got it wrong, is the mystery at the heart of the eponymous new book from the editors of the American Greatness publication, widely credited as the intellectual lodestar of the Donald Trump movement. (Damon Linker of The Week called American Greatness the “home base of intellectual Trumpism.”)

The book explains how the mainstream media, including the “conservative” anti-Trump talking heads, not only couldn’t but wouldn’t see the potential for a populist, nationalist and America First candidate to take over both the Republican Party and the country.

“They didn’t see the Trump tsunami coming because they didn’t want to see it coming,” the authors write. “Because they were conditioned and incentivized not to see it coming.”

But “American Greatness” is not just an election post-mortem. It’s the key text so many Americans, both Trump partisans and opponents, have been demanding for so long.

“American Greatness” takes a deep plunge into the ideological roots of the Trump movement. Far from the flippant, shallow candidate of both the media’s and much of the conservative movement’s imagination, Donald J. Trump drew on powerful forces and historical movements deeply rooted in the culture of the American Right.

Chris Buskirk, editor of “American Greatness,” says the book shows the supposed choice between “populism” and “intellectual conservatism” is a complete fallacy.

“We were treated to months of condescension and scorn from self-styled intellectuals directed not just at then-candidate Donald Trump, but at the millions of ordinary Americans who supported him,” said Buskirk. “Grassroots Trump supporters knew what a few people in the Beltway were only starting to suspect: The conservative movement, or ‘Conservatism, Inc.,’ as some call it, hasn’t been terribly successful lately, and when faced with Donald Trump saw him not as a way to advance their principles and help the country but as a threat to their perks and prerogatives. Conservatism Inc. has completely failed to cut the size of government, limit mass immigration, prevent cultural decay or protect American workers over the last half century.”

“Many of the so-called conservative critics of Trump weren’t selfless intellectuals protecting the purity of their creed,” added co-author Seth Leibsohn. “They were simply protecting their well-paid positions as journalists or staffers in the innumerable foundations and publications set up all around northern Virginia and in the district. They have been failing for decades. And I think a number of dissident intellectuals and an increasingly angry grassroots thought: ‘Why should we listen to these guys anymore? It’s time for some new ideas. It’s time to take a chance on this Donald Trump guy.’”

This spirit was best captured during the campaign in a pseudononymous piece by an author who called himself “Publius Decius Mus” entitled “The Flight 93 Election.” That author was later revealed to be Michael Anton, who is now a senior staffer on the National Security Council. His essay received mainstream attention when large excerpts were read live on the air by Rush Limbaugh. The piece savagely lambasted movement conservatives as “keepers of the status quo,” guarding a culture and political climate which is utterly poisonous to the American people.

“The whole enterprise of Conservatism, Inc. reeks of failure,” Anton wrote, ripping the conservative movement’s shilling for pointless foreign wars, suicidal mass immigration policies and so-called “free trade” policies which devastate the American workers who would otherwise support the Republicans. He urged conservatives, like the passengers on Flight 93 on September 11, 2001, to take a chance and “charge the cockpit” because supporting business as usual translated into certain doom.

Now, with Trump in the Oval Office, albeit with his enemies howling for his blood and the Deep State and the intelligence agencies seemingly determined to execute a coup, Buskirk argues Trump needs to understand his administration is now the “Flight 93 Presidency.”

“Donald Trump has followed through on a number of his campaign promises, such as the Supreme Court, cutting regulations, and helping Christians by defending religious liberty and limiting abortion where he can,” Buskirk told WND. “Unfortunately, Congress hasn’t followed his lead. If Republicans in Congress want to keep their majority, it is critical that they adopt the Trump agenda, deal with Obamacare, pass tax relief, and fund border security. It’s a common-sense agenda of pro-worker trade and economic policy, pro-citizen immigration laws, and a national security policy that puts the security and prosperity of the American citizens first.”

“The Resistance,” as his Democratic opponents style themselves, has grown more militant and more unhinged the longer he remains in office.Talk of impeachment is in the air, even though the “Russian collusion” narrative promoted by the Democrats and their media allies has all but collapsed.

And Trump’s Republican colleagues in Congress seem remarkably unwilling to defend their chief, suggesting that many of them have mixed feelings about Trump in the Oval Office and would far prefer to see a President Pence.

Just as the election was the “Flight 93 Election” and required decisive action, so too does Trump’s administration if it is going to succeed, the book argues. President Trump should make his case directly with the American people. He should emphasize the issues which got him elected – immigration, trade policies, and a common-sense Washingtonian foreign policy – and start hammering away on those issues, even if it means taking on some Republicans in Congress, it explains. The Republican base supports the Trump agenda – it’s what they voted for last November and they will support the president as long as he is fighting for it regardless of what the Democrats and the media throw at him, the book says.

“The fact Donald Trump is in the White House shows that the American people are ready for real change and a return of power from the deep state to the people. In short, we expect government officials who are servants, not masters,” Buskirk told WND.

“President Trump understands that. He tapped into that belief during the campaign and the deep state recognizes that he represents a serious threat to their power. That’s why they’ve been working overtime to undermine this president with a smear campaign of false allegations and innuendo. If they can keep President Trump tied up responding to their phony accusations they can effectively void the results of the last election. That’s the goal and it’s unacceptable. That’s why President Trump should directly engage his base. If he does, he can advance his agenda despite unprecedented opposition from the permanent political class.”

The United States of America is on the brink of total dissolution. And the conservative think tanks and foundations in Washington, D.C., are just another part of the problem. It’s time to charge the cockpit before it’s too late. It’s time for revolution. Learn the real story behind the intellectual and political movement which stunned the dishonest media – and put Donald J. Trump in the White House. THE blockbuster of 2017: “American Greatness: How Conservatism Inc. Missed The 2016 Election & What The D.C. Establishment Needs To Learn” by Chris Buskirk and Seth Leibsohn, available now in the WND Superstore.

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