FCC Network Breakup


Hat’s off to FoxNews for recording of the Lamestreams all chirping in unison one after another: CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, all chanting together We must “get to the bottom of this”.  My solution to FakeNews is for the FCC to breakup the big corporations similar to breaking up the big banks.

The Comey extra money request according to Mr. McCabe’s testimony is #FakeNews started by CNN.  I don’t think Comey had a clue that his head was on the chopping block unless he just loves to ride airplanes out to the west coast.  The 50/50 hindsight media cannot get enough talking about the timing.  When is a good time to get fired–anytime the President wants to fire you.  Trump has these bureaucrats shaking in their boots.  Do your job or get out.

FakeNews NetworkThe Democrats and their propaganda corps of hard corps left wing media puppets (including FoxNews) continue the Trump/Russia hoax chanting for a special prosecutor which will guarantee that this LIE will continue all the way to the 2020 elections where they can run some commie like Kamala Harris or Pocahantas.
I would love to Trump discontinue his WH pres conferences and put those 95% Democrats out in the street with nothing to do except once every few weeks when Trump would do like Obama and pre-select whom could ask him questions and ignore those who were overly hostile.  But these slime sucking journalists have a nasty habit when there is nothing to report to make up a lie and promote it across all of their media.
I would like the FCC to take a good hard look at busting these giant corporations that control the modern media into little pieces separated from their left wing sponsors.  If Trump can break apart the large banks, why not break apart the propagandists?