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Oil and GasThis a quote from an oil executive in south Texas who was instrumental in developing Eagleford Shale..  “Ok. So I think I just heard the biggest LIE I have ever heard in a debate. And if HRC really believes what she said then that just shows beyond a shadow of a doubt how stupid and out of touch with reality she is. She said, and I quote, ” for the first time EVER as a country, we are now ENERGY INDEPENDENT”.

I hope that whoever reads my post sends this to everyone in their Facebook and everyone in their email contacts. The absolute facts are this:

1. We use 18,000,000 barrels of oil every day in this country. Of that total we IMPORT 10,000,000 barrels every day from foreign countries. a vast majority of this number from the Middle East .

2. Over 1,000,000 jobs have been lost in the past 2 years in the energy industry because we are so DEPENDENT on foreign oil they can do whatever they want. And because they know they have us by the throat they lowered the price of oil for the sole purpose of putting domestic oil and gas companies out of business. Over 1,000,000 energy jobs were lost and the “ripple effect” from that is millions of other jobs that directly benefit from a robust domestic energy industry.

3. The Iran deal allowed 1,500,000 barrels of “additional oil” to be sold on the world grid. Thus adding to the foreign total and further endangering domestic companies.

4. The EPA is strangling the life out of the domestic energy industry. With huge amounts of restrictive regulations and by closing down huge areas of domestic land for energy exploration. The revenue derived from developing this land could pay off the national debt in 10 years and truly makes us INDEPENDENT from foreign oil.

5. Wind and solar are a joke. The projects are only viable economically because the government subsidizes every solar panel and every windmill built. For all the tax money spent on losing projects, if you took all the energy created from wind and solar it would only amount to .7% of all the energy put into the grid currently. That’s right… less than 1% of our daily energy demand and it costs billions of $$ in government funding!!!
The liberals care more about their fictional “climate change ” theory than they do trying to solve our energy DEPENDENCE on countries that HATE us and use the same $$$ we pay them to purchase oil to buy guns, bullets, missiles and bombs to kill us with. They know that our entire country would come to a screaming halt if they quit selling us oil and we lose 10,000,000 barrels a day that currently power our country.

The media will avoid this like the plague because it was such a moronic and out of touch statement that it makes HRC look like she has no idea what’s going on and has no concept of reality. I was absolutely shocked she made such a stupid statement.

We have enough known reserves of oil, natural gas and coal to power this country for the next 500 years if we only had someone in Washington that actually knew what the hell is going own in the energy industry. HRC is a perfect example of the stupidity of our current leadership.

  • lola Michaels

    Wft!! This is not a website promoting Trump it is a website made to basically bitch about Clinton, I am concerned that Trump fans are not able to argue a reasonable debate without making is personal to Clinton.

    • “Wft!! This is not a website promoting Trump”

      Wrong! This is a web site to promote the winning polices of Donald Trump which millions of voters agree with and won him the election. If you wish to see complaints about Clinton we suggest or http://MoreOn.ORG where you are welcome to make suggestions. We appreciate your comments.

  • lola Michaels

    I apologise for the rash language used in that comment, however I stand what I said.

  • Shawn Borger

    Dear Mr. Trump and policy team…this is moment to show how much he loves America and its native peoples-the United Nations is there-He must Stand up for the rights of Native Americans to not have the oil pipeline cross the Missouri (if possible) and not across their burial grounds (essentially Indian cemeteries). We whites would be infuriated if the government decided to run pipelines across our Christian cemeteries. Please speak out on this issue, we cannot let this happen Mark Ruffalo, Robert Redford, and Amy Goodman have spoken out on this issue Standing with them, many whites from across the PLANET support them, I have always questioned the wisdom of pipelines favoring earth friendly Solar and Hydro and Wind, we NEED to use our own oil VERY carefully. We need lots of monitoring stations, not supporting ones that only offer 40 permanent jobs, if we do this with best MONITORING, LEAST distances to Processing, and LEAST unstable (area of tectonic plates not issue or volcanic areas). Not VIOLATING sacred sites or indigenous waterways that join huge River systems. PLEASE speak on this, this is YOUR chance to show Benevolence, Respect, and a concern for the environment and finally HONOR native people whose treaties were broken and lands broken and seized again And AGAIN by EMINENT DOMAIN, and used for PRIVATE profit. Policies that were originally used for public and State parks! Please Be HONORABLE and speak on the WORLD STAGE! The entire PLANET is watching what our leaders DO AND what WE SAY here. Obama went back to smooching Hilliary’s butt after (consulting) the Army Corps of engineers-and his appointed Justice nixed the injunction! Even the UN and other nations are watching, WHAT will you do? The Eagle has landed in your ballcourt- I BESEECH YOU to Change this pipeline plan ANY way you can, THE PEOPLE of BISMARCK DID NOT EVEN WANT IT, that is why it MOVED SOUTH to torment ranchers and NATIVE AMERICANS…please, I am praying daily to GOD to help change your mind to PROTECT WATER.

    Shawn Borger-PA Trump and Dakota Souix water and land rights Supporter (married into native heritage)

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  • Shawn Borger

    I disagree with the oil company above in 3 major ways-WE NEED GOOD safety practices and policies that protect the environment from spills-one of Energy transfers partners is a company with a HUGELY bad track record of spills. Why do SEND oil so far from its source? Why not have refineries closer to areas of extraction. And WHY NOT support clean ENERGY, when oil companies could invest in better fuel economy cars, steam locomotion and better And efficient public transport the US is way behind there. Solar farms are all over in PA, Electric companies are utilizing solar and wind suppliers and wind generators are out there that store energy on lower wind volume days. My husband and I considered purchasing windmill for our 15 acres but it was out of our budget, so a subsidy for people with larger tracts of land that can provide power for themselves and others IS practical. AND why do we not make it a POLICY for the ARMY CORP to build off shoot canals on major waterways that can harvest HYDRO POWER that funnels back water into the waterways800 after turning TURBINES. It could have built in filters in the canals THAT protect FISH. THIS COULD BE PART of an INFRASTRUCTURE plan that provides jobs to construction and contractors and supports good environmental WORK plus Transport avenues and ferries and beautifying public space alongside of WILD PLACES without being directly interfering on the river itself but on canal areas. I AM PRAYING that MR TRUMP will incorporate the IDEAS and IDEALS of my 2 favorite PRESIDENTS, Both ROOSEVELTS…STRONG nature loving TEDDY AND REJUVENATING FRANKLIN DELANO that got us through the Great Depression with Public WORKS and IFRASTRUCTURE…I WILL never believe LONG pipelines are DECENT infrastructure. They are costly and foolish, continue to have spills, WELL OVER 300 (hundred) across the Us in less than 4 years, over 800 in less than 5 yrs! AND the reason WE don’t know about it is they are not REQUIRED by LAW to REPORT them, more SICK and IRRESPONSIBE LAWYERS and JUDGES NOT DOING the RIGHT thing…please, please MR. TRUMP, PRAYING YOU hear me!

  • S Renee Borger

    Mr Trump please reconsider on DAPL. I don’t like the potential damage to water, also ETP and there receiving companies ARE planning on exporting a good portion of the oil obtained. There will only be 40 permanent jobs created so those that are temporary will not be offered benefits. Why not tell them they must build a refinery near the fields and then send the safer refined oil through the pipeline further along and not ever cross the Missouri. Let the infDians and Ranchers alone. And start a trucking station that relays the processes oil. From parts of the line that do not cross waterways further away. Can we not require them to do this safer. From now on no pipelines that cross WATER, disputed treaty land or Indian historic cairns sites, and require REFINERIES and PIPELINES be in close vicinity to SOURCE. A refinery close to the shale/oil fields will provide jobs for North Dakota people and not pull crude out and NOT PROVIDE VIABLE jobs in the DAKOTA!