Destroy Trump LameStream Conspiracy

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Destroy Trump conspiracy

Ever since President Donald Trump announced his intentions to run for the highest office in the land and undo the 8 years of damage that Obama and the Dimms had brought, there has been a vast Alt-Left conspiracy to destroy his presidency.  The media never expected for Hillary to lose and when she did they escalated their lies and fakenews to unprecedented levels of deceit and unprofessional conduct.  The #TrumpRussiaHoax occupied the greatest percentage of their efforts on the evening news broadcasts and on the lesser rated cable channels such as CNN and MsNBC.  The printed media such as the failing New York Times and the Amazon owned Washington Post also conspired to bring down the one person who promised to overturn their democrat based conspiracy.

Sean Hannity in the above video sums up the depose Trump conspiracy with numerous examples of the lies and distortions the LameStreams have provided over the brief amount of time Trump has promised to #DrainTheSwamp.

Unlike the previous president who was shielded from criticism by these propagandists on the left, Trump’s ideas have been ridiculed and attacked relentlessly.  Obama was so thin skinned about criticism that he refused to appear on FoxNews with the one exception of before a Super Bowl with Bill O’Reilly.  His corrupt administration was never exposed and his loyalists lied and conspired with both the Dimms and GOP members of The Swamp. There are numerous examples of his lies with 65 being detailed in a video.

The scum pond that made the Obama presidency function included 2 corrupt AG’s, a soon to be bankrupt health care system, and fraud by both Secretary’s of State, and a foreign and domestic policy that was the joke of the world.  The President in order to get his message out to the 96% of his voters who would vote for him again has used Twitter and other social media to go around the so called journalists to communicate directly to his supporters.

We encourage you to continue Mr. President and we are behind you 100%.

Written by: Phil Tatum

  • BSL

    I agree with much of what you and Marty say. And you said it very well, though I am not in total agreement with unconditionally accepting his childish, undignified behavior in response to harsh criticism.

    Trump has been a good president, as a president. He has accomplished many of the tasks he promised to accomplish. He loves and supports this country, as I do. No one could have been happier than me when he was elected. I have supported him all along, and still support him. Unfortunately, I am losing my respect for his inability to express himself with some degree of dignity. His reactions and responses have to be more professional than nanny-noo-noo name calling and petty insults.

    Though he may be entirely right that the insults and outbursts of others are stupid and nothing more than media trash, a president must have the ability to restrain himself from stooping to their level. True, Trump is not Mr. Glib. He does not have the smooth style or lingo as Obama did (personally that chimpanzee makes me sick). Instead, he gets rattled and mad, and counters with silly name calling and outbursts that are embarrassing to many of his supporters.

    My comparison of Obama and Trump extended no further than a comparison of their responses to adverse criticism, often harsh for both. I cannot stand Obama and am convinced beyond any shadow of doubt that he accomplished his goal in 8 years – to bring this country to its knees. But no one can reasonably deny that Obama handled criticism with more dignity than Trump.

    Much of the referenced Trump support occurred a considerable while back. I am seeing far less support from many of his fans – replaced with sad disillusionment. What is he doing? Why is he acting that way? Why does he Twitter so much with obvious anger and sarcasm?

    So, what’s the point? For me personally, I had Trump pegged as the savior of this country. A once in a lifetime chance to reverse the evil and the socialism posing such a huge threat to those who still love the good ole U. S. I now see him throwing the game. Intentionally? Hell, I sure hope not. But carelessly with abandoned thought? Yes ! I see him stupidly running his mouth and twitter fingers into ongoing ridicule.

    Trump is not a young man. Though he may be age-healthy now, the back and forth barbs and insults are going to take a toll. Maybe on his health; maybe on this country. But status quo remaining, sooner or later somethings gotta’ give.

    My 2 cents for the day.