DCPolitburo plot to steal nomination


Despite his historic run in the primaies, Trump will never, repeat never, get the nomination if this bunch can stop him. Forget about them conceding Trump the victory once he gets to the magic 1237 (Fifty percent of the available delegates). They’ve cooked up a strategy to be employed at all costs to steal delegates from Trump so that he’ll fall below the 1237 on the first ballot, and then, before the second ballot to present one of their group (Mitt Romney, call your office) as the Savior of the Grand Old Party.

While each state’s individual law governs, most delegates are not bound to the candidate that brought them once the first ballot is over. Stall Trump on the first ballot and the Bush-Romney-Rubio-Kasich-Ryan-McConnell combine can go really to work.  Cleveland, ladies and gentlemen, won’t be for the faint of heart.

The insiders have poured over the rules of the Republican Party (well, heck, they WROTE those rules in the first place) and they have found a way to lie, cheat and steal Trump out of enough delegates to force a second ballot. Here is how they plan to do it: Rule 16 (d). This byzantine concoction of legalese, simply put, says that nobody can be a delegate if he is from a state where voters who are not registered Republicans can vote in the Republican primary. Like Massachusetts, where Trump got 22 delegates. Not like New Hampshire, where Democrats and Independents can officially re-register as Republicans going into the polling booth, vote on a Republican ballot, and re-register as a Dem on their way out, all on the same day. But like Arkansas, where Trump racked up 16 delegates.

Let me put it another way: in New Hampshire, Republican primary ballots are only given to registered Republicans, even if the voter registered as a Republican exactly 7 ½ seconds before getting the ballot and switched back to Democrat 12 seconds after he voted Republican. The point is the voter was an official Republican when he got the ballot and voted. Other states omit this nicety and just ask voters which ballot they want when they walk in, regardless of their registration. The GOP bigwigs plan on challenging Trump’s delegates from those states.

Missouri is an example of another opportunity for the establishment to practice chicanery. Missouri’s rules regarding delegate selection are clear and simple to follow: the winner in each of the state’s eight congressional districts gets 5 votes. The winner of the entire state then gets an extra 12 votes. Easy, peasey, right? WRONG. Missouri law doesn’t require county election authorities to report votes by congressional district, only by county. But ever since Baker v. Carr (the “one man, one vote” case) congressional districts don’t mirror county lines, because all 435 congressional districts have to have roughly the same number of people in them, and county lines don’t change as easily as congressional district lines. So, the Secretary of State of Missouri, Jason Kander – The youngest statewide elected official in America – a DEMOCRAT- will make the decision how many delegates to certify to each candidate, Trump, Cruz and Kasich. That sound you hear is of lawyers busily writing lawsuits to file if the county election officials refuse to report by congressional district, and we’ll see what happens in the next few days. But back to the convention steal.

The GOP Kingmakers may argue that Rule 38 – which prohibits states from requiring their delegations from voting as a unit, by a majority vote of all members of their state delegation—could,be interpreted to mean that delegates are not bound at all, even on the first ballot! (However tortured this reasoning is, all you have to remember is that the courts aren’t the ones to interpret these rules, they are going to have the meaning that a majority (there’s that pesky 1237 number) of delegates who survive any challenges to being seated, give to these rules. That brings us now to the mechanics of the steal, which is to say, contests to seating particular individual delegates.

Not later than 22 days before the July convention starts, there will be a meeting of the Standing Committee on Contests, whose membership is drawn from the Republican National Committee (“RNC”…the ultimate party “establishment”) to hear any “contest,” meaning “challenge” to the right of any specific person to be a delegate. These contests must be filed 30 or more days before the planned start of the convention. Then, the Standing Committee makes its recommendation to the full RNC which will have the final say, again, before the convention even begins. However, they don’t have the final say. On the first day of the convention, the Convention Committee on Credentials will meet to hear appeals of the RNC’s decisions. Since this Committee is comprised of ordinary delegates (not necessarily RNC elites) this is where the Big-Shot’s secret plan can come unraveled. That is if Donald’s operatives have these rules, and particularly rules 19-25, memorized by heart and are canny enough to know exactly how and when to use these rules to advantage.

But all is not is lost to The Donald’s cause – far from it. If he is close to the magic number on the first ballot he has the Vice Presidential nomination to barter with on the second. Widespread voter fraud in Texas and Oklahoma and the structure of the ballot in Ohio could sustain challenges before the entire convention to the seating of those delegations. After all, this is precisely how Dwight D. Eisenhower wrested the nomination from Bob Taft in 1952. But make no mistake: the Big Steal is ON.

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  • SH

    The CO, WY “vote” went down as predicted. CO is such a dirty place. I guess those people are smoking too much weed to give a crap about anything else – like the state of our nation, for example.

    That’s OK. It’s still too premature to call Trump out of this yet.

    I couldn’t listen to Rush Limbaugh yesterday. He seemed to be giving Cruz credit for WI, CO & WY. Maybe he did “win” WY – with tons of negative ads AND Scott “Secret Establishment Guy” Walker endorsing him. Whatever. I’d say that the forces beat down Trump on those weak minded people rather than Cruz is surging now.

    If Trump does badly the rest of this month – which he won’t – but if he does, I’ll have to start Yoga classes again to force myself into deep breathing. Trump has some good states coming his way. I think he could possibly gain 50% of NY after Lyin’Ted dissed them with the “New York values” comment.

    I read part of Rush’s transcripts this morning relating to the GOP’s POV:
    “As long as they hold on to their fiefdom, as long as there is a Republican Party, and as long as the people who run it continue to run it, then beating back this latest insurgency, they will consider to be a victory. Not whether they win the White House or not. Their first order of business right now is to beat back the insurgency, the rabble-rousers, the peasants with the pitchforks.”

    LOL – I love the peasants with pitchforks reference. OMGoodness, I guess that makes me a “bitter peasant – clinging to my bible, my guns” and now “a pitchfork”. Well, I figure we need all the weapons we can get against this #DCPolitburo.

  • Judge Napolitano, brilliantly, recently said that the DEMs and GOPs are private clubs that can do anything that they wish, that is change the rules, prohibit certain people from obtaining their support, freeze the voters out, etc. and it is all perfectly legal.

    This is what my recent research and posts about the DCPolitburo are all about. The so called “establishment” or “insiders” or “party bosses” run things in the Soviet Union, China, Cuba and all communist countries and the USA is becoming no different, voters don’t count anymore. In defense of Trump, he is an amateur fighting the professional politicians who run this nation. They would rather lose the presidency than lose their money flow from the special interests and lobbyists.

    One last point, if Kasich cannot beat Cruz or Trump with the voters, Kasich cannot beat Hillary regardless of what the polls say, unless the fix is in by individual states.

    The voter’s should have the last say in the election of the electoral college. Up to the nomination and general election, Trump is right, the process is corrupt. And provide Trump some credit, he is waking up the citizens to how crooked the entire political process in the United States is.

  • cfp

    Wow! I was unaware of the RICO criminal investigation going on by Comey’s FBI regarding the Clinton Foundation (I knew IRS inspectors of foundations accounting were trying to make heads or tails out of the poor Foundation records…..several years of tax returns had to be reworked and resubmitted). The FBI news I have seen has been focused on the illegal, insecure (i.e. criminal) home email server set up for State Dept. communications to and from Hillary and I missed news of the FBI investigation of the Foundation.

    From what we read about the Clinton Crime Family Foundation is it pure sleaze, selling political access and influence in return for “donations” for the largely fictitious good works of the Foundation. The FBI is going into bribery for political influence and money laundering at the phony Foundation (which dedicates only some 10% of its funding for the supposed good charitable works)?

    I hope they have the goods on America’s First Family of decadal law-breaking and sleaze, both RICO on the Foundation and Espionage Act regarding the email server and communications. But I’ll believe indictments when I see them. Comey has a great reputation as a straight arrow lawman, doing a thorough investigation and a lawful and correct referrals to DOJ for prosecution. But I remember the great reputation of Chief Justice Earl Warren too ………until the Warren Commission report did what what was ordered and concluded that Oswald was the sole assassin and he acted alone.

    I like to follow Judge Andrew Napolitano’s reporting on the email server developments. He comes pretty close to predicting criminal referral for an indictment/prosecution by DOJ, and has expressed his opinion that there is enough evidence to convict Hillary, etc. If such a criminal referral does comes out, the Democrat Party leadership (Pres. O, etc.) probably will huddle with Hillary and advise her that she better drop out for health reasons and go take of her throat problems (a pardon can secretly be promised for months later). Then is the candidate/nominee Biden? Biden at the same time that Sanders who is on roll gets more momentum from Hillary’s crashing and burning?

    It is not going to be boring……even if there is no criminal indictment coming but at least a critical report is issued, confirming the imprudent risks taken and the coverups by the players in the server scandal. A scathing report but short of a criminal referral to DOJ. (DOJ…..what a joke. Everyone knows that Loretta is the same as her predecessor….will do what she is told.)