Continuing Resolution

CRThe leaderless Congress and Senate are once again heading towards NO BUDGET and having to inact a CONTINUING RESOLUTION (CR) to keep from shutting the government down (which the #FakeMedia always blames the Republicans for).

Trump BudgetPresident Trump has submitted a budget which will never fly through the #Swamp of lobbyists, Senatorsm House Members, Bureacrats, and business people who are getting cheap labor andtax benefits.  The House unable to pass Health Care reform is a small example of the #DcPoliyburo resiting all change that might remove some of their money from lobbyists, special interest groups, andnearmakrs for their areas.  CR has been in effect since Obama took over and if a like resolution is utilized again under the Trump Administration, all promises will be lost because nest year is an election year.

Q: So what is a Continuing Resolution?cont res

  • In our government, the legislative branch holds the power of the purse, which means Congress is responsible for passing legislation to fund the government. From funding our national defense to investing in job training and public infrastructure to maintaining government operations, Congress decides how to appropriate taxpayer dollars each fiscal year.
  • However, if Congress fails to pass legislation to fund the government before a new fiscal year begins, they can pass legislation to keep federal operations going at the current spending levels. That legislation is called a Continuing Resolution (CR).

    Q: Do we need a Continuing Resolution right now?

  • Yup. The new fiscal year (FY 2017) begins on October 1. Because Congress has yet to pass any bills to fund government operations, they had to pass a Continuing Resolution to keep the federal government open for business. This short-term measure expires on December 11.

Q: What would happen if they didn’t pass it?cr

  • The government would shut down, like it did right around this time last year. In 2013, the government shut down for 16 days – forcing employees to be furloughed, national parks to close, childcare and other services for military families to shutter, and loans to small businesses to stall. In fact, the last government shutdown cost our government billions of dollars in lost productivity and revenue.
  • Sen. John McCain said Wednesday he will do whatever it takes to make sure that military spending is increased in the next spending bill even if that means shutting down the government.

The Arizona Republican told CNN he wouldn’t vote for a continuing resolution, a funding bill that maintains the previous spending levels. When asked how far he would go, McCain said he only had one vote, but that he wouldn’t rule out a shutdown.

“If that’s the only option. I will not vote for a CR no matter what the consequences because passing a CR destroys the ability of the military to defend this nation, and it puts the lives of the men and women in the military at risk,” McCain said. “I can’t do that to them.”

debtMcCain’s comments come as leaders are making a serious effort to negotiate the remaining appropriations bills for Fiscal Year 2017 that would likely include some of the new military spending that McCain is pushing for.

Congressional leaders are up against a tight deadline. After last week’s failure to pass the health care bill out of the House, there are questions about how much leaders can get passed even if their goal remains to finish appropriations bills instead of passing a continuing resolution. Congress has to come to an agreement before the government runs out of money April 28.