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  • Roger Thornberry

    My name is Roger Thornberry I have been a life long democrat but not this time around, I have been a member of the International Laborers Union of North America Ohio Laborers for over 30+ years and I have a lot of brothers an sisters in the laborers union and we need to know what Mr. Trumps stand is with the unions we are not for a right to work state, my father retired out of the Operating Engineers Union have a lot of family and friends that are union members of the various trades unions and we need to know if voting for Mr. Trump is going to cut our throat down the road, we do not want another 4 years of Obama that’s why Hillary Clinton is not an option but I agree with Mr. Trump on just about everything but not sure how he feels about the unions we do not want our lively hood to disappear so he needs to be clear so there is no confusion or misunderstanding Ohio is a strong union state so please help, thank you.

    • Tim

      Deep bro

  • Roger Thornberry

    My name is Roger Thornberry I have already posted a message about how Mr. Trump fells about the trades unions I guess what I was asking also are you Mr. Trump “anti-union” as the media has purposed. John Kasich was anti-union and I guess he still is how he got voted in for governor I do not know, Ohio is a strong union state and I want to give you Mr.Trump my vote but myself and my union brother’s and sister’s need to know where you stand on the unions. thank you Roger Thornberry

  • James Mullens

    American Fight
    My name is James Lee Mullens II. I am a PLC Technician at a concrete plant in San Antonio Texas. I’m not perfect by far with a history as shady as an oak tree in the summer. I’m not perfect as I said but after hearing so many disturbing things on the radio and TV, I’m beginning to think my voice along with millions of other Americans voices does not matter at all.
    I’m not a writer, author, reporter, or even a good speller but I do know I am an American. I was born in Brooksville Florida, raised in Texas and that’s where I live now and I am so pissed at the government and the Republican Party. I am 40 years old and not once have I ever voted. This year, 2016, I will be voting because it’s time for someone to change this government. I am a Trump supporter. There have been times that I have questioned this decision but no sooner I think about this, something comes out and makes my decision easier, specifically the Colorado bullshit in the news today.
    It seems the government, people we pay taxes to, have decided that we don’t know what we are doing and think they need to choose who runs this country. Last I checked our taxes pay their salaries. That makes US, the American people, the Employers of the government personnel. All the way to the top position of President of the United States. Now I work for a company and they pay my salary. When they tell me to do something I am required to do it or I no longer have a job. Should this not be the same for government officials?
    In my opinion, we the people, have lost sight of this. We the people have a voice and we the people have the right and the duty to stand up against the people WE employ and fire their asses if they don’t do what we tell them to. WE make this country great. WE make this country work because WE the people are the ones who do it all. The government employees should ALL be removed from office. Every last one and every position should be an elected position by the people from the lowest to the highest. There should be no lifetime appointments. Every position should be decided by WE THE PEOPLE, not WE the government. That’s not how the constitution starts.
    Every official should be held accountable for their actions and record for doing what we tell them to. Just like any employer, we should review the official’s actions and hold them accountable for those actions and decisions, kind of like a performance review. If they do good then give them a raise, if not then get rid of their ass and find someone who can do a better job.
    As I said I’m not a writer so I ramble. Ending this short letter, EVERYONE needs to stand up and say something. We will not take this lying down. We will not stand by and be quiet like they want us too. We will stand up and fight for what we believe in. We all need to stand for something, or we will fall for anything. Don’t know who said it and don’t care but I know someone said it and it makes sense. So get off your asses and speak up.
    For everyone who gives a damn.
    James L Mullens II