Clintons’ Russian Ties

Hillary and RussiaThe leaking of classified documents by the Deep State moles still leftover from the Obama administration should be a felony with a minimum 10 year jail sentence if convicted. The publishing of these secrets by the FakeMedia should equally be a felony as national security trumps the so called Freedom of the Press cited by “LibTard journalists“.

Sean Hannity tried to explain the difference between opinion and news to that ultra leftist Ted Koppel for 45 minutes and CBS published 45 seconds of it and refuses to make the rest public. What they do is put out a false premise ex. Russian interference and they all chime in from all of the FakeNews outlets. I guess Treason will be the latest mantra.

If they are not going after Hillary for her leaks and selling of 20% of the U.S. uranium to Russia for Clinton Cash or if the FBI refuses to investigate how General Flynn’s name got unmasked in Trump Tower surveillance, then there is no such thing as treason anymore. I had a friend who was in charge of the B-1 bomber project when it was top secret until Jimmy Carter leaked it in a speech. Only Republicans can be accused of high crimes and misdemeanors, with the exception of impeached Slick Willy, there are no exceptions. -PT

Treason was the Iran Treaty giving them a path to nuclear warheads and releasing the money for them to do it (and planeload of cash in the middle of the night), a treaty not submitted for ratification by the Senate therefore a violation of the Constitution i.e. high crimes and misdemeanors. Now that is treason Mr. Lieu D-CA. Then there is Hillary Clinton as Sec. of State with illegal and insecure (and hacked) private email servers at home for managing her top secret foreign ministry work along with her Clinton Crime Family Foundation raking in big dough from “contributors” many of them foreign nations and businesses with issuer before the U.S. government…. etc. And then there is the Obama signing the Climate Change Treaty but not submitting it for Senate ratification but giving executive orders in the regulatory agencies to implement the Treaty provisions as U.S. law. Now, Mr. Lieu D-CA, that is treason. LM