Sessions Trump Hoax

Sessions Trump conspiracy

Sessions has today become the darling of a Lamestream media that only days ago HATED him – for being a Beauregard, a southerner, a Trumpster. Now they’re off his (Sessions’) back to attack Trump’s mere “consideration” of the possibility of firing Sessions. They’re focusing on Trump as Sessions does the job he’s always aspired to do. What would happen IF […]

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Rush on Mueller Witch Hunt

RUSH LIMBAUGH: Now, the latest bombshell. You said that all hell broke loose in the last 24 hours. The latest supposed bombshell from a leak, from an anonymous source, is that the specialist investigation, Robert Mueller has already expanded to investigate — are you ready for this? — any and all business dealings that Trump has ever had with any […]

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Lyin' Comey

Since before President Trump was even inaugurated, the mainstream media has been on a mission to distort, discredit and delegitimize his presidency. On matters big and small, they have lied and misrepresented the president’s statements and actions, and now they’ve found a new hero: disgruntled former FBI Director James Comey. The media’s latest line would have you believe that James […]

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FCC Network Breakup


Hat’s off to FoxNews for recording of the Lamestreams all chirping in unison one after another: CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, all chanting together We must “get to the bottom of this”.  My solution to FakeNews is for the FCC to breakup the big corporations similar to breaking up the big banks. The Comey extra money request according to Mr. McCabe’s testimony is #FakeNews started […]

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President Trump on Saturday called the ongoing controversy about his White House campaign linked to Russia a “total scam.”  Congress and the FBI are conducting investigations about whether a direct connection existed between campaign officials and Kremlin operatives, amid Trump’s insistence about no such contact.

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Electoral College

  Letters to the Editor at NYT The Electoral College Does Its Federalist Job We should be very wary of tinkering with this elegant constitutional establishment. Regarding your editorial “The ‘Excellent’ Electoral College” (Nov. 15): The Electoral College is one of the many imaginative ideas that the founders instituted that has helped preserve the stability of our system of national […]

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