Hopefully these biased media coverage will reverse the downward spiral of the corrupt media and “in the tank democrat so called journalists”

Trump’s Gold Star Call

rodeo Clown

Anybody who can watch this with a dry eye probably take a knee during the national anthem.  Democrat Congressional rodeo cowboy complete with cowboy hat and huge red flower demeans the tragedy of a Gold Star families grief.  Take a look at this brief video to see what really goes on when a soldier falls:

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Fakenews Russia Hoax

Fakenews Russia Hoax

The Intercept’s Glenn Greenwald, in an article Thursday, took a hammer to widespread reporting over the last week of Russia’s attempts to hack the election systems of 21 American states, the piece arguing for more skepticism on “the Russia story.” Outlets like the USA Today, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show, and the Associated Press went wild at the Department of Homeland […]

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Antifa fascists

There is a civil war going on in America by a group of #commie thugs known as Antifa.  While they claim that everyone is a NAZI, except them of course, they all advocate the removal of fascism, except for the real fascists: themselves.  They are paid rioters and disrupters who hide their identity behind masks while they beat down any […]

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Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) Hate


The split in the United States between the patriots who love this country and the anarchists who want to destroy it grows wider by the day.  The #alt-left fueled by their comrades in the #LameStream media continue to attack the foundations of our republic by eliminating true history and heritage similar to what their predecessors did in NAZI Germany in […]

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Genius Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson was a very remarkable man who started learning very early in life and never stopped. As the #alt-left continues its assault on U.S. history & heritage, we remind the patriots of one of the greatest men who ever lived. Jefferson did more for this country than anyone in history but what do the uninformed remember? He was a […]

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Robert E. Lee

LSM Bias

Why do modern-day Liberals want to rewrite American history taking away Southern Heritage?  Possibly for the same misguided logic the LameStream Media uses to blame Trump for not including every “so-called alt-right group” they think exists.  Scott Adams added, “Now we begin the “Was it heartfelt enough?” phase, along with “Why did he NOT mention group X, Y, Z?” (See […]

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After the coup

Mueller Grand Jury

“Our politics” has been fed poison for many decades, Patrick.  The Progressive-Liberal-Democrat Party movement introduced into America the poison of class warfare and social division along with a constant denigration of America’s Founding principles……the Constitution of limited government and a free market economy, federalism.  Wilson, FDR, LBJ, BHO….all on the same track, central planning from Washington, social engineering, social welfare […]

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