Health Policies should allow for the free market to determine how each individual receives medical treatment and limit the government role in all areas such as privacy, quality of care, veterans and senior care, and economic policies.


ObamaCare not for Congress

Congress’ corruption is never more evident than when they are provided a different healthcare plan than the American People.  President Trump is powerless to get his enemies in the Deep State to repeal ObamaCare. The truth that both parties, the Dimms and the GOP, are more loyal to the lobbyists and DCPolitburo than to the Trump agenda or to their […]

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Ryan’s ObamaCare

The decision to pull the American Health Care Act from the House floor because it lacked enough votes to pass was a culmination of months of bad decisions, poor planning, and terrible messaging by the GOP leadership in the House.  This failure undermines not only the party’s credibility, but President Trump’s purported ability to “make great deals.” Worse, it emboldens the […]

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onald — still in Manhattan, and still largely ignorant of the nasty critters and perverse ecosystem on the banks of the Potomac — is catching whiffs of swamp gas.  Talking to the New York Post, the president-elect said he expected to repeal Obamacare ‘sometime next week.  Its replacement, he said, would come ‘very shortly thereafter.’  In the business world, you […]

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Another ObamaCare Shock

A 27-year-old will pay 116% more in Arizona. Thanks, Mr. President.  President Obama took a health-care victory lap last week in Miami, celebrating “all the progress that we’ve made in controlling costs” and portraying the law’s critics as “false and politically motivated.” Does that apply to the actuaries at the Health and Human Services Department too? On Monday they reported […]

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Trump child care

Donald Trump formally unveiled his child care and maternity plan with his daughter Ivanka Trump this evening. The issue has become a signature issue for Ivanka Trump, who spoke fervently about the topic during the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. Speaking in a gymnasium in a local community center, Trump spoke of his desire for reform. “child care is such […]

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HRC probably has PD

HRC probably has PD. She has had clinical symptoms for a minimum of 4 years, and probably much longer, given that the fall leading to her head injury required a significant progression of the disease. All of her bizarre physical actions since that time fit nicely into the spectrum of signs that we expect in PD. And since PD explains all […]

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Misc Trump Policies

Trump’s go-it-alone instincts were a consistent refrain — “I’m the Lone Ranger,” he said at one point — during a 96-minute interview Thursday in which he talked candidly about his aggressive style of campaigning and offered new details about what he would do as president. The real estate mogul, top aides and his son Don Jr. gathered over lunch at […]

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