When Hillary’s phone rang at 3:00 a.m. she didn’t answer it as four Americans died in Bengazi after begging for assistance.

Rush on Mueller Witch Hunt

RUSH LIMBAUGH: Now, the latest bombshell. You said that all hell broke loose in the last 24 hours. The latest supposed bombshell from a leak, from an anonymous source, is that the specialist investigation, Robert Mueller has already expanded to investigate — are you ready for this? — any and all business dealings that Trump has ever had with any […]

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Comey Witch Hunt

Fox News’ Sean Hannity said Wednesday night that former FBI Director James Comey’s prepared testimony before the Senate intelligence committee was “self-serving,” but absolved President Trump of allegations of collusion with Russia during the election, as well as obstruction of justice. “Comey … told President Trump he was not personally under investigation. Not once, multiple times,” the “Hannity” host said […]

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Clinton investigation

Clinton Cash

President Donald Trump has offered additional insight into his thinking about former FBI Director James Comey. Trump said in excerpts of an NBC News interview released Friday that Comey “should have never exonerated” Hillary Clinton.  Trump, referring to the FBI’s investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server during her time as secretary of state, said that the steady […]

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FBI Comey Fix

It is absolutely not the job of the FBI to make prosecutorial decisions. FBI Director James Comey didn’t bother to attend Hillary Clinton’s interview, though he was acting as the ostensible decision maker in the case. One would think he would want to test the witness’s credibility in person. This was clearly no ordinary case and demanded his close attention.

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Lyin’ Hillary emails exposed by hacker

The civil service was missing in action. We learned about the emails from a hacker.  Forget the new dump of Lyin’ Hillary Clinton emails. Forget the phony claims that the missing communications were all about wedding plans and yoga routines. Forget, too, the many requests from Doug Band in which the Clinton Foundation honcho hoped his quos (hefty donations to […]

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FBI Fix is IN shows need for Special Prosecutor

FBI Fix is IN: During a House investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private, unsecured email server during her tenure as secretary of State, Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) ripped apart FBI Director James Comey Thursday morning for publicly stating there was a lack of sufficient evidence to prosecute the presumptive Democratic nominee. GOWDY: Good morning, Director Comey. Secretary Clinton […]

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Clinton Crime Family LIES

Seven Clinton Crime Family LIES: She made sweeping promises about transparency at her family’s foundation before Mrs. W.J. Clinton was confirmed in 2009 as President Obama’s secretary of State.  At the time, Clinton was under pressure from senators in both parties and even the White House to agree to be transparent given the potential for ethical concerns with the Clinton Foundation, which […]

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