Hire a Partisan FBI Director

Partisan FBI Director

Now that President Trump has justifiably fired FBI Director James Comey, it is time to reopen the miscarriage of justice that he perpetuated about the investigation of the Clinton Crime Family corruption and leakage of national classified information by Hillary Clinton.

According to James Comey’s letter about his resignation- “I have long believed that a President can fire an FBI director for any reason, or for no reason at all, I’m not going to spend time on the decision or the way it was executed.”

He continued: “I hope you won’t either. It is done, and I will be fine, although I will miss you and the mission deeply.”

We agree and in this same direction since President Trump can fire an FBI director for any reason, shouldn’t he also have the prerogative to hire any FBI director that he wants for any reason?  

And since this is the case, POTUS should also hire someone loyal to his administration including himself and Attorney General Sessions.  Someone who will carry out the mission of the FBI, can inspire the world’s greatest investigative body to new heights of integrity and honor, and who will stop the tarnished reputation caused by a partisan democrat like Comey over his tenure.

The GOP has control of the Senate and it would be refreshing if the Democrats would concur in President Trump’s selection, but if they did not, then the so-called nuclear option could be used for advise and consent.

Several nominees come to mind such as Trey Gowdy, Kelly Ayotte, Chris Christy, Julie DiCianni, but we will leave that to the President’s excellent judgment as to whom to select. I think that it is safe to say that if Sen. Schumer is in favor of the selection, it is the wrong pick.

There is no need for a special prosecutor for either the Trump/Russia fraud or the Clinton/Russia connation such as the uranium deal and other ClintonCash illegal charity activities.  The leaked Clinton emails parallel the WikiLeaks/Russian conspiracy so both need to be investigated.

Let’s hope that once the new FBI head has been confirmed, the nation can get on with the important issues ahead such as healthcare, taxes, trade, rebuilding the military, jobs and the other reasons the Clinton lost.

Source: PT