The bubble is gonna pop on your watch, President-elect Trump.  Hope it is not too explosive.

With the next recession, now overdue, some or a lot of malinvestment will have to be washed out of the financial and economic system……out of the Wall St. Casino fed by the Fed’s free money, and some sectors dependent on government largess and favors and free money.  Washed out like doing dirty laundry.

Whether your team facilitates washing the dirty laundry so we can put on fresh clean togs, or whether youse guys do the Bush, Obama, Federal Reserve, Wall Street investment banker bail outs so that we can keep on wearing a dirty shirt for a while longer, is the issue. Washing out the the malinvestment will be painful but you want to allow and facilitate the fast and orderly liquidations or write downs so that the good productive and amazing American capitalist economy will roar back as it if fully capable of doing.  We are watching for appointments of your most important/powerful economic advisers for inklings of their tendencies regarding the workings of the economy: Markets-freedom….or heavy-handed central planning, intervention.

Norman Thomas


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