Boycott the Lamestream

As many destroy their Macy’s credit cards and vow to never shop there again because of their PC stance against Donald Trump’s clothing line, let’s do the same thing to the sponsors of TV networks products and services and Boycott the Lamestream media.Boycott the Lamestream

I never thought that FoxNews should be added to the media bias list but last night as I listened to those two inside the beltway establishment so called conservatives Charles Khrauthammer and George Will on Special Report,  I am beginning to change my mind. It seems to me that you cannot tell the truth anymore on the left or the right without NBC, CBS, ABC slamming your honesty. Fox News LogoTake Donald Trump for instance.  Just as when that Obama like Jimmy Carter was president and he called for human rights violations to cease and the freeing of political prisoners in Cuba after Batista had been defeated, Castro emptied his prisons and shipped many of the worst to the United States. Reminds me of what is happening now with some of the Mexican Illegal immigrants. This insane policy of free and open borders is very dangerous to the citizens of this country as evidenced by the recent murder in the sanctuary city San Francisco. As the Republicans begin their campaign to win over Hispanic voters, Donald Trump called attention to this Obama Failed Policy and was promptly attacked by Karl Rove and many of the establishment inside the beltway protectors of the status quo. Obama got elected (falsely) as an outsider and we all know now nothing could be further from the truth. Leading the GOP polls are three outsiders followed by the thundering herd of insiders.  Can’t we tell the truth anymore?