America is Winning again!

Donald Trump winninh

Trump said we would get tired of winning. I’m not there yet, but this is a pretty good start.   You can tell that he’s doing a great job by just looking at the people he’s ticking off. TRUMP PROGRESS REPORT  A stumble here and there but he is doing an excellent job of Making America Great Again!  However, it will take […]

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Brexit and the Trump Victory

Nigel Farage, former leader of the UK Independence Party, speaking Feb. 20 at Hillsdale College on “The Significance of Brexit and the Trump Victory”:  Brexit and Trump were not blips. They were not short-term revolts of angry people. They were fundamental changes of direction. When our great-grandchildren and their great-grandchildren look back at history, they will see 2016 as the […]

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Deep State

Donald Trump and Russia The feud between President Donald Trump and Senator John McCain is heating up. The protagonists on both sides of this fight are intense and determined, and yet if we dig beneath the personalities, we can see an even deeper conflict—an ultimate conflict of visions. And that clash of worldviews, in turn, is full of implications for […]

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Despite media reports of a massive crackdown by President Trump on illegal immigrants, just a tiny percentage of the nearly 1 million on the government’s deportation list have been arrested, according to statistics provided to Congress.  The 680 seized in recent sweeps by U.S. Customs and ImmigrationEnforcement agents represent just .07 percent of the 950,062 with deportation orders as of […]

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Trump Putin Syria Deal


Syria stands on the threshold of dramatic changes that will directly impact on the strategic and military situation along the Syrian borders with Israel and Jordan.   They derive from a deal struck this week by US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin to establish US, Russian and Turkish security zones in Syria. This scheme will transfer military […]

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