Conflicts of interest: The truth about anti-Trump journalist Jorge Ramos

At a Trump news conference, Mexican journalist Jorge Ramos heckled the candidate and eventually was expelled. Ezra Levant of calls Trump’s handling of the situation “gorgeous,” and the liberal media’s reaction to this squabble “hilarious.” They’re treating Ramos like a highly respected, objective member of their profession, but in fact, he’s an advocacy journalist whose daughter works for Hillary […]

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Who got the most airtime in the #GOPdebate?

How about this interesting statistic.  Who do you think got the most airtime last night?  (interruption)  No.  It wasn’t Jeb Bush.  Now, be serious.  They actually put a clock to this, and they measured how many minutes each person spoke. Who do you think got the most, call it camera time, airtime, voice time, whatever, who got the most airtime […]

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Frank Luntz, Fox News’ new wanna be Dick Morris for 2015

In a live post-debate “Kelly File,” Frank Luntz talked to a focus group of Republican voters. The group expressed their dissatisfaction with the performance of Donald Trump. Overall, Luntz noted that the majority of the group had a positive view of Trump going in, but that was not the case by the end of the two-hour debate. Luntz said that […]

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