Sessions Trump Hoax

Sessions Trump conspiracy
Trump Sessions Hoax

Sessions has today become the darling of a Lamestream media that only days ago HATED him – for being a Beauregard, a southerner, a Trumpster. Now they’re off his (Sessions’) back to attack Trump’s mere “consideration” of the possibility of firing Sessions. They’re focusing on Trump as Sessions does the job he’s always aspired to do.

What would happen IF – in the meantime – Sessions IS actually going after main DNC people – like HRC. The Mainstream media would have to do a very sudden 360 – which again creates more credibility issues AND how about this : if Sessions DOES decide to go in HARD after HRC – Trump would not be allied with Sessions. He would have clean hands. The Mainstream would be dumb-founded as to WHO gets blamed because they couldn’t attach this to Trump OR suddenly reject their new found loyalty to Sessions.  It would be a win-win for Trump AND Christian America.

Sessions has been open the last couple days about his investigation – I DO think that Sessions will procure indictments against DNC operatives in time. My point is that Trump is running interference for Sessions – and it’s gonna be freaking HILARIOUS when the Lamestream is running into themselves after Sessions drops the bombs. They hated Sessions, now they LOVE Sessions – “a man of integrity, a man of character – Trump is openly BULLYING this AG who’s simply doing his job…”

Sessions has southern loyalty – it runs deep with the people chosen to be in that circle. Trump is a strategist – he does not put himself in losing situations. Trump has been stirring the pot for nearly two weeks. You do know that Mark Burnett (creator and producer of The Apprentice) IS one of Trump’s team members – he announced that days after winning the election.
So two factors that this is an inside job: 1) Burnett and Trump are connected – and they both love drama publicity. 2) Trump CAN fire Sessions if he wants to. But he doesn’t. AND he doesn’t want Sessions to quit. There’s no way that Trump is STILL holding a grudge since January. Trump doesn’t hold grudges – not worth his time. Examples: Romney, Ryan, McCain. He even met with the NY Times last week! Also – Trump KNOWS that he cannot get another AG approved with such Cabinet approval issues – certainly by the end of the year. So no – Trump wants Sessions right where he is.

This shell game doesn’t include anyone except the two players. There’s no need for anyone else to be in on it.

For AG Sessions to “publically” try to look into the Clinton Crime Foundation is like telling OJ that the PD will be there in a week to search his house for bloody gloves. The Lamestream IS the enemy of Patriotic America. There’s no advantage to being “public” with them – and Trump doesn’t do things that aren’t to his advantage. Yes, he’s not perfect, but more times than not he’s the best CYA person you’ll ever know of.

However, when I look at a Lamestream that day after day after day continues the pathetically weak Russia collusion story even in the face of lost viewership (and lost revenue) I have to conclude that yes, Trump IS indeed more clever then all of them put together.

If they want to save their failing networks they should each purchase copies of “The Art of the Deal” and figure out how this 71 year old grandpa with no political experience is out foxing them at every turn and why we, the people, unwaveringly continue to think he’s Superman.

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  • ofpolicies

    YES completely agree! Thats why I wonder about Trumps tweets this week insinuating that we r all being led by the GOP – and waiting on them and not himself. I understand the reality – that Trumps hands are tied to an extent.

    But we r talking about a guy who believes that he is capable of ANYTHING – including overcoming DC. I do think hes a leader – is he leading Sessions and the media while hes leading the country? Not sure if hes leading Sessions or not. But yes, Trump leads.

    And he is dictating to the media. Hes fantastic. Hes Superman. I live and bleed Trump. -SH

  • LM

    If Sessions were building an indictment against Liarly Clinton there would have to be staff attorneys working on in DOJ. Hard to keep that under wraps with the deep state libs in DOJ and even Republicans on the Judiciary Committee who have relationships with DOJ staff attorneys.

    I don’t think that Trump has the guile to run that kind of shell game.

    They (AG) should openly begin the criminal investigation of the Clinton Crime Family, including Comey…….if the President can get his party leadership in Congress to be with him.