Where does it stop?

Donald Trump was right

That piece of history offends us, so let’s destroy it.  Because the Confederacy was offensive…. it all began with Nikki Haley removing the stars and bars from the South Carolina flag while endorsing one of Trump’s election opponents.  Her reward, a nice soft job as U.N. ambassador and the beginning of a historical assault on Southern Heritage.  The President has been proven right.  As the President put it, where does it stop?

Robert E. Lee, one of the greatest Generals…..let’s tear him down.

BLM is offensive…. so let’s remove all references to ML King.

The French offend me….. so let’s tear down the Statue of Liberty.

The British are offensive…. so let’s remove all references to July 4th

George Washington offends me….. so let’s tear down the Washington Monument.

Thomas Jefferson owned slaves….let’s tear down D.C.’s Jefferson Memorial.

Where does it stop?

Pastor Wants Presidents’ Names Removed From Washington, Jackson Parks Over Ties To Slavery
August 16, 2017 10:13 AM
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CHICAGO (CBS) — s on the South Side, saying the city should not honor slave owners in black communities.

A bronze statue of George Washington on horseback stands at the corner of 51st and King Drive, at the northwest entrance to Washington Park.


Bishop James Dukes, pastor of Liberation Christian Center, said he wants the statue gone, and he wants George Washington’s name removed from the park.

“When I see that, I see a person who fought for the liberties, and I see people that fought for the justice and freedom of white America, because at that moment, we were still chattel slavery, and was three-fifths of humans,” he said.


“Some people out here ask me, say ‘Well, you know, he taught his slaves to read.’ That’s almost sad; the equivalent of someone who kidnaps you, that you gave them something to eat.


Dukes said, even though Washington was the nation’s first president and led the American army in the Revolutionary War, he’s no hero to the black community.

“There’s no way plausible that we would even think that they would erect a Malcolm X statue in Mount Greenwood, Lincoln Park, or any of that.


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  • LM

    This purge is not solely about “ties to slavery”. Ever since the Progressive-Liberal-Democrat movement began, the left’s goal is to overturn the Constitution of limited government, federalism, market economy, to build in its place a centralized, statist, collectivist regime (when the Constitution is clear they come up with the outrage of “the living constitution”).

    You have to learn that the nation was founded by dead white guys who were rich landowning slave owning crooked bastards in spite of all their high rhetoric about rights (at a time when blacks and women did not have any)…..etc. Yes, purge the memory of Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Mason…and that also discredits American’s Founding Principles.

    Build a new America, vilify and get rid of the America as founded. Government schools (along with academe) are active accomplices, brainwashing the kids or not teaching any history or government or philosophy. Pulling down the statues of southerners from during slavery is much more than it appears. The very founders (and their principles) are to be discredited and the American left have been working hard to that end for decades. -LM

  • PT

    Trump’s news conference (Video Above) was met with the usual LameStream bias of the media. I can remember when Presidents were never shouted at, interrupted, or have their statements questioned in a hostile manner, the press was respectful unlike the pack of hyenas that refer to themselves as journalists. As I have said on numerous occasions, there is o longer a free press, just a group of N.E. liberal educated idealists who no longer differentiate facts from their biased opinions.