Global Warming Fraud

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CiceroIt looks like Al Gore has lost his job as head of the Global Warming fraud. That true guardian of the leftist CA agenda Jerry (who only likes elevator music according to old GF Linda’s Ronstadt) Brown has snatched the wheel away and is running his state like the Statist empire it has become.  Brown says he has proven science on his side which does him no good in repairing his infrastructure or fighting the forest fires that are destroying his state.  I believe in state’s rights but not in state’s dictators who defy we the people’s republic and constitutional form of government such as Comrade Brown wishes to do.

Meanwhile President Trump must fight with a leaderless Senate who cannot even produce an accurate vote count on ObamaCare repeal or control like Schumer’s and Pelosi’s lockstep dictates. Dimms remain in control as GOP supporters wonder why did they bust their butts supporting them.

The solution is for voters to vote them out which will never happen because of complacency and ignorance.


I understand ignorance abounds (I being an unwilling practitioner of it on subjects too numerous to keep track of).  Most people don’t have the time or inclination or maybe the smarts to overcome ignorance on some subjects or many subjects.

On this AGW-ClimateChange subject it is unacceptable for those who have power over our lives to remain ignorant.
It is much, much worse for those in power to know the science is not “settled” as they recite, but they nevertheless to proceed with a massive disturbance of billions lives on the planet (which I think is the case with most of them from Presidents to Pope).
When they say “the science is settled……if you disagree you are a denier”….. like those Holocaust deniers, etc. those in power with reasonable intelligence have to know they are lying.
It is impossible for a Jerry Brown, a BHO, A Merkel, Macron, AlGore…. not to know that the science is not settled because too many highly credible and authoritative real climate scientists cast doubt on it (at minimum)……and many say it is flat out non-scientific, unproven, even disproven.
There have been well publicized testimonies before Congress and other official bodies and gatherings by climatologists who debunk the theory and the processes followed by the IPCC, etc. to formulate their conclusions.
I have to assume that the promoters of the Climate Change thesis, and their remedies, have received from someone copies and videos of presentations by notable and credible scientists contradicting the AGW thesis and refuting the claims and formulas for amelioration. I have been tempted to do this…… send the videos, links, and testimonies of such experts…… without comment….. just get them to look at them.  But I bet that it is already known to them and the presentations by the likes of Dr. Richard Lindzen climatologist of MIT,  Nobel laureate Iver Glaever, Dr. Patrick Moore formerly of GreenPeace, Dr. Fred Singer pioneer in measurement of earth temperature from satellite, Dr. Roy Spencer university climatologist, others, are known to them.
The AGW politicians have to know, someone must have provided them with the “denier” opinions with credible research backing them.
So that is why I accurately call the AGW-ClimateChange “settled science”, the greatest hoax in the history of the human race (and we have had some pretty big ones before) and the explanation for their prevarication is because it also is the greatest tax-grab and statist power-grab in the history of the world.  It is the greatest because it is running world wide unlike previous ones that were not run world-wide but only in certain geographic or population groups.
It is the latest and largest example of old friend Cicero’s observation 20 centuries ago.
Source: OfPolicies