Hopefully these biased media coverage will reverse the downward spiral of the corrupt media and “in the tank democrat so called journalists”

Leakin’ Lyin’ Cowardly JEdgar

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is firing back at former FBI Director James Comey, after he suggested in Thursday’s hearing that there might be more than meets the eye to the AG’s recusal from the Russia probe.  Sessions recused himself from “any existing or future investigations” regarding the 2016 presidential race in early March, after facing bipartisan pressure to step aside […]

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Obama unmasked

Unmask the unmasker

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) said that several sources have told him that the Obama administration spied on his presidential campaign. “We’ve had several people come to us and say that it happened. I don’t have access to that information, but I’ve been very concerned that too many Americans’ information is being culled through without a warrant.” “I don’t have any facts […]

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FCC Network Breakup


Hat’s off to FoxNews for recording of the Lamestreams all chirping in unison one after another: CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, all chanting together We must “get to the bottom of this”.  My solution to FakeNews is for the FCC to breakup the big corporations similar to breaking up the big banks. The Comey extra money request according to Mr. McCabe’s testimony is #FakeNews started […]

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President Trump on Saturday called the ongoing controversy about his White House campaign linked to Russia a “total scam.”  Congress and the FBI are conducting investigations about whether a direct connection existed between campaign officials and Kremlin operatives, amid Trump’s insistence about no such contact.

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Spy Rice

Obama’s National Security Advisor Susan Rice admitted that she used the intelligence community to spy on members of the Trump team, but this type of behavior isn’t anything new.  In fact, it appears the Obama White House had been spying on its political opponents and leaking classified information about them long before Donald Trump won the presidential election last November.

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