Hopefully these biased media coverage will reverse the downward spiral of the corrupt media and “in the tank democrat so called journalists”

Jobs Policies

“Mr. Trump is concerned about the 90 million Americans that are outside our workforce, a Trump adviser told Breitbart News. “Jeb Bush wants to import more low-skilled, unemployed foreigners who will further drive down wages for the middle class.” Source: DonaldJTrump.com

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Economic Policies

He’s a major league protectionist who hates free trade–and he has no understanding of the law of comparative advantage. The Raleigh News Observer reports on a stop Trump made in that city, only a few days before Trump  is likely to make an official announcement that he is going to seek the presidency: Addressing criticism that he lacks the political […]

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About Us

OfFailed Policies Web Sites are Dedicated to conservative principles OfFailed Policies is a follow on the Obama Failed Policies which was started shortly after Obama got elected president. Recently a revision was created Failed Obama Policies which updated the web site to the latest HTML5 and PHP web state of the art standards. The reason we have created this site […]

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