Fifteen Lawyers in Search of a Crime

Marc Steyn

Further to my observations on Deep State dinner theatre, the “Russia investigation” show goes on, undeterred by the lack of any evidence of actual crime: The more obvious the absence of any crime to investigate, the bigger the investigation gets. As I’ve said before, in Hitchcockian terms, this is a thriller without a MacGuffin: instead, it’s one big MacNuffin – […]

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Lynch to jail?

Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch could be jailed for up to ten years if found guilty of misconduct, Judge Andrew Napolitano claimed Monday. If emails exist between Lynch and former DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz improperly discussing the Clinton email investigation, the former attorney general could be charged with “misconduct in office,” a felony carrying five to ten years in […]

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Lyin’ Lynch

Sen. FeenStine (SIC) only opened her big liberal 84 year old  mouth because she wants to protect Slick Willy and Lyin’ Lynch from stumbling over each others future lies.  Unless they coordinate their lies about why they were on that plane together, they will be held in contempt of Congress or worse jailed for perjury. I notice that the Dimmes have […]

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Lyin' Comey

Since before President Trump was even inaugurated, the mainstream media has been on a mission to distort, discredit and delegitimize his presidency. On matters big and small, they have lied and misrepresented the president’s statements and actions, and now they’ve found a new hero: disgruntled former FBI Director James Comey. The media’s latest line would have you believe that James […]

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Alan PieceOShitz

My name since the OJ trial is Alan PieceOShitz. No respect whatsoever for him or the other members of the so called dream team. Nice to know he concurs with the liar Comey that the president still has constitutional powers in spite of what the FakeNews and Dimms have been doing for 10 months. They will never stop hounding the […]

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Destroy Trump Conspiracy

Hannity 5 sonspiracy

In his Opening Monologue, Sean Hannity called out the five powerful forces that have aligned to undermine Donald Trump’s presidency.  Hannity said the five groups were the “destroy-Trump propaganda media,” the Democrats, the deep-state establishment within the bureaucracy, establishment Republicans and “NeverTrump-ers.”

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FCC Network Breakup


Hat’s off to FoxNews for recording of the Lamestreams all chirping in unison one after another: CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, all chanting together We must “get to the bottom of this”.  My solution to FakeNews is for the FCC to breakup the big corporations similar to breaking up the big banks. The Comey extra money request according to Mr. McCabe’s testimony is #FakeNews started […]

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