Another Special Prosecutor


What happened to the idea of since everyone in Washington loves special prosecutors (special councils) why not appoint one for the crimes that were actually committed by the Clinton’s:  Sale of 20% or uranium to Russians, collusion between ex President and sitting AG, Clinton Crime Family, to name just a few. The LameStreams are very quiet when it comes to that except for “this is about Comey, not Hillary” from one. Although I think that it needs to be done, it would set a very bad precedent of making it a crime to be President.

These jackels on capitol hill spend so much time getting on TV they do not have time to do their jobs. Adam ‘Bugsy’ Schiff running for “FeinSteens” (SIC) seat for instance. The House has the best of the inquisition questioners in Trey Gowdy, but he is reluctant to go after HilLIARY for political reasons. Same with that useless Richard Burr (R-NC) on the Senate side. Looks as though the United States is slouching towards Venezuela as Congress fiddles while DC burns.

Special council

My guess is that half of the citizens and a larger percentage of the professional politicians hate Trump so much that they support or go along with the illegality and travesty of this Mueller cabal, clearly designed for removing Trump from office. The leading politicians and the mass of deep state operatives want Trump criminalized and gone…….anyway they can do it. (Is this analogous to Ken Star investigation of Clinton White Water real estate years earlier, then coming up with the semen stained blue dress and impeachment seven years later?) Whether or not they succeed, this one is not going to end well and the degenerate government will continue its herky-jerky march towards disintegration and chaos…….statism and tyranny. (But it’s still a long way to Venezuela so pour me another Knob Creek Manhattan.)

Citizen researcher Larry Kawa is pressing the government to release the contents of a taping system that is required to have been installed on Lynch’s government airplane. Kawa points to the Tempest system, a NATO-certified system by which the NSA tracks and records sound that emanates within government structures.


“General Dynamics installs the recorders in the planes,” Kawa told Big League Politics, referring to VoIP recorders that he said must be installed on airplanes like the government jet used by Lynch, where the conversation took place. “(Lynch) could not have un-installed them if she wanted to.”


NSA Blocks Release Of Loretta Lynch-Bill Clinton Airplane Tape For ‘National Security’ – Source: Link>>>




  • Bill Reynolds

    “Republicans of the House Judiciary Committee drafted a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein Thursday, asking them to appoint a second special counsel to investigate the 2016 elections.
    Unlike the current special counsel assigned to investigate matters surrounding the election, Robert Mueller, the letter calls for an investigation into the “actions taken by previously public figures like Attorney General Loretta Lynch, FBI Director James Comey, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.””

  • LM

    Again, like a pilot overhearing all, it’s hard to believe that Lynch and Clinton run the risk of being recorded in the plane. They know of the systems and I doubt that they would allow their conspiracy to be recorded. Bill would know how to not be picked up by recorders. I sure hope so, though. Maybe when the now defunct pilot said that her heard every world he meant that he heard the tape…..but pilots are not supposed to have access to the government recording system….but maybe he did and played it back.